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Brief Introduction of Shanxi Museum
Shanxi Museum is situated at the west bank of the Fenhe River with a floorage of 51,000 squaremeters. It was established in the year 1919. Now it is the largest center in charge of the collection,protection, research and exhibition of cultural relics in Shanxi Province. Presently it houses over400,000 items of cultural relics, which epitomizes the one-million-year historical and cultural development in Shanxi.
Shanxi is one of the important birthplaces of Chinese civilization as well as a major historical stage of the ethnic integration and development. For thousands of years, our forefathers have laboured
assiduously, produced glorious civilization and left an abundant cultural legacy with distinct local features that make the soul of the Jin civilization.
With its basic exhibitions themed as "the Soul of Shanxi”, Shanxi Museum's exhibition halls cover an area of 10,000 square meters. Presently there are seven history-themed and five art-themed
exhibitions. Following the chronological order of history and gathering the highlights of civilization,these exhibitions remarkably display the unique contributions Shanxi has made to the 5000-year evolution of Chinese civilization. Appreciated quietly, the beauty of the ancient art can bring a refreshingly fragrant breeze affecting our minds deeply.

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