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Shanxi Museum Participates in the 4th Shanxi Cultural Industries Fair

From December 5th to 10th, 2019, the Fourth Shanxi Cultural Industries Fair (SXCIF) was held in China Taiyuan Coal Transaction Center. Shanxi Museum selected more than 150 self-developed products from its own cultural and creative products, which presented the calling cards of Shanxi culture in the Yellow River civilization: the Taosi culture, the Jin Kingdom culture, the Northern Dynasties culture, the traditional Chinese opera culture, the bronze culture, etc. Several series of cultural and creative products themed those cultures appeared in the SXCIF.

It is worth mentioning that the cultural and creative products showed in this fair were mainly new self-developed ones by Shanxi Museum in recent years. All the series of cultural and creative products, such as ornaments named “Dancing Phoenixes (Xiangluan Fengwu)”, lamps called “Shanxi Cultural Neon Lights (Jincai Wenni)”, and bucket arch toys with the name of “Resonance of Young Phoenixes (Chufeng Qingyin)”, made their debut in the fair. These products with exquisite craftsmanship, ingenious designs and antique elements not only contain rich characteristics of the museum culture and carry the long history of Shanxi civilization, but also show the achievements of the cultural and creative industry development of Shanxi Museum.

Taking the Cultural Industries Fair as a publicity medium and display platform, Shanxi Museum will make full use of Shanxi's rich historical and cultural resources and continue to create cultural and creative brand products with cultural characteristics of Shanxi, thus eventually making cultural heritage appear in people’s daily life.