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Collection Aquisition
Protecting the main, saving the first, contributing to the spread and development of Shanxi culture
Collection Management Measures of Shanxi Museum (Trial)
1.In accordance with “The Law of the People's Republic of China on the Protection of Cultural Relics” and relevant national policies on cultural relics, these measures are formulated in order to implement the principle for cultural relics work of “Protection is given priority and rescue comes first", strengthen the collection, protection and management of cultural relics, and serve display, publicity and education, and scientific research.
2.The Scope of Collection
Historical relics, documents, materials, audio-visual productsthat are excavated or handed down from ancient to modern times in the societyand various kinds of witness items of major events, important figures and international exchanges in history fall into the scope. Cultural relics in Shanxi Province are the main object of collection, but there is no regional restriction onthe collection of important cultural relics. Cultural relics excavated by tomb-robbers from important sites and stolen cultural relics shall not be included in the collection.Those that are found in the course of collectionshallbe reported to the public security department in time after relevant units have been contacted and shall be confiscated eventually after the case in question has been solved.
3.The Procedure of Collection
(1) The collection of cultural relics is in the charge of the storage departmentwhichhas a collection group of cultural relics set up.
(2) The collection group of cultural relics is responsible for gatheringcollection clues of cultural relics, formulating the annual collection plan of cultural relics and compiling the collection scheme of cultural relics.
(3) The collection scheme of cultural relics shall be examined and evaluated by relevant experts organized by the Academic Committee of Shanxi Museum and appraisal opinions shall be put forward for the decision-making reference of the museum leadership.
(4) The collection scheme of cultural relics shall be implemented by the collection group of cultural relics after it gets the approval of the Council of ShanxiMuseum.