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A Crash of Drums Through Time and Space
2019.07.27 ~ 2020.05.19 The second-floor temporary exhibition hall of Shanxi Bronze Museum
Bronze drums have been popular in southern China and Southeast Asia for more than 2,000 years.As a kind of bronze ritual instrument, in the long historical development process, the bronze drum hasbeen closely linked with the social, economic and cultural life of the local nationalities, which has formed a unique bronze drum culture. Bronze drums used to symbolize the ruling power and were also widely used as sacrificial utensils and entertainment instruments in gatherings, alliances, battlefields, sacrifices, entertainment, funerals and other occasions. The bronze drum is also a comprehensive art which integrates smelting, casting, painting, sculpture, music and dance into one. Its unique shape and rich decoration reflect the economic life, cultural outlook and ideology of the casting nation. It can be called an encyclopedia of national history. The long-standing bronze drum culture embodies the wisdom of the ancestors of all nationalities and shines with the glory of Chinese civilization and history.