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Son of the Eagle: Special Exhibition of Andean Civilization
2019.09.24 ~ 2020.01.05 The First Floor of the Convention & Exhibition Center in the Northeast of the Main Pavilion
In the early 16th century,Spanish colonists set foot on the land what now is called Peru in order to look for “El Dorado”.The glorious Inca Empire was rapidly conquered. What disappeared along with the empire was not only the Inca civilization but also the Inca’s memoriesof their forefathers.
The prosperity of the Inca Empire was the result of the Andean civilization’s long-term development. The Andean civilization took as center today’s Cuzco Basin in Peru and Lake Titicaca located in the juncture of Peru and Bolivia,including most of Peru and parts of Bolivia,Ecuador,Argentina and Chile.15,000 years ago,Asian hunters crossed over the Bering Strait and reached this magic land.Under the conditions of basic isolation from other civilizations,after a long course of developmentgoing through the period of ancient times, the growth period, the regional development period and the period of various nations, they finally created the Inca Empire and the Andean civilization reached its peak.
Although the Andean civilization has no writing characters or carriage wheels,magnificent Machu Picchu Palace buildings, the magnificent Ancient City of Cuzco, the mysterious Nascar Lines as well as gorgeous textiles,colorful pottery,fine gold and silver products... - all shine with the light of wisdom everywhere.
Gathering important archaeologicalfinds over the years collected by 11 museums in Peru,the exhibition systematically exhibits the Andean civilization’s development history and showsthe public this bright pearl’s mysterious mien in the history of human civilization.