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Centenary Inheritance, Integrity and Innovation—— Special Exhibition of the 100th Anniversary of Shanxi Museum
2019.09.24 ~ 2020.03.31 Second Floor, Shanxi Museum Convention &Exhibition Center
100 years of vicissitudes, 100 years of glory.
In 1919, at the historical juncture, China gradually woke up.In the great tide of the New Culture Movement, the first museum in Shanxi,namely Shanxi Education Book Museum, was born in the Confucian Temple in Taiyuan. A gate to the new knowledge enlightening the wisdom of the people openedup to the public thereafter.
With a glorious history, it pioneeredmodern Chinese museums and made the epitome of their development. Amazing has been its development:starting from several temple-style pavilions to today's nationalfirst-class museum. Inheriting historical glory, generations of staffs of Shanxi Museum with wisdom and hard workhave progressed in reform and grown in innovationconsistently for 100 years.
1919 witnessed a storm raging in all its fury. 2019 is more extraordinary. On the occasion of the 70thanniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, the centenary of Shanxi Museum is around the corner. Keep the right path; create a new situation.At this very moment, opening the thick archives to look back on history and spreading the magnificent scroll painting to look into the future, it is easier for us to understand the importance ofbeing careful and dedicatedin doing things in order to go firm and steady on the way forward.