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Open Services

Open Service
Opening Time
Stop Admission Time
Closing Time
It is closed on Mondays, the Lunar New Year's Eve and the first day of the first lunar month. (If Monday happens to be a national legal holiday, it will be open normally.)
Ticket Notes
With the second-generation ID card, passport or Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan certificates, visitors can enter the museum after receiving security check through designated channels. Each adult can take two children under 1.2 meters to visit. For group visits with more than 20 members, an appointment should be made 2 working days in advance, and the telephone number for reservation is 0351-8789555.
Consultation Service Telephone: 0351-8789188
Visitor Notice
Visitors shall follow the unified guidance of the staff.
Please visit each exhibition hall in a clockwise direction.
Minors and those with mobility problems should be accompanied by others during the visit.
Disheveled people, drunk people, mental patients, people with pets are not allowed to enter the museum.
It is strictly prohibited to bring inflammable and explosive dangerous goods into the museum. Bags and luggage must be deposited.
Traffic Routes
Bus Routes
Take bus No. 865 and get off at Shanxi Museum Station; take bus No. 69 and get off at Provincial Museum Station.
Take bus No. 6, 602, 803, 807, 831, 845, 866, get off at Yifenqiao West Station, and walk south along Wangjing Road for about 1000 meters before getting to Shanxi Museum.
Take Bus No. 1, No. 38, No. 611, No. 618, No. 809, No. 813, No. 822, No. 818, No. 848, No. 855, No. 859, No. 863 or No. 308 and get off at Yingzeqiao West Station, and then walk north along Wenxing Road for about 1000 meters before getting to Shanxi Museum.
In-housing Parking
Motor vehicles enter from the north gate or the east gate, and the parking lot is located on both sides of the north gate and the east gate.
The west gate is only accessible for pedestrians and bicycles. The bicycle parking place is located in the northeast corner of the yard.