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In Shanxi Museum, there are a group of volunteers from all walks of life and different ages. They love museums and audiences. They dedicate in silence without complaint and regret in this art hall. Their spirit of love and dedication has infected everyone who comes here.
The volunteer team of Shanxi Museum was established in 2006. Since its establishment, more than 1,000 registered volunteers have served for more than 160,000 hours. Team members from the original single college students gradually expanded to social groups.
According to the qualifications, the parties apply to the organization, fill in the "membership application form" and submit it it to the Member Office of Shanxi Museum together with the identification materials.
Volunteers Charter of Shanxi Museum
Chapter I General Provisions
Article 1 In order to promote the construction of Shanxi Museum, enhance the social service function, promote the spirit of volunteers, provide volunteers with multiple stages to realize social and personal values, and promote the comprehensive development of harmonious society and people, the articles of this charter are hereby formulated.
Article 2 Shanxi Museum accepts as volunteers those who love the museum career and are willing to serve the public in the museum.
Article 3 Shanxi Museum Volunteer Committee shall assist Shanxi Museum in managing volunteers and provide them with assistance and services. The main members of the committee are 2 expert consultants, 1 chairman, 1 deputy chairman, 1 secretary general and 8 members.
Article 4 The volunteer organizations and individuals of Shanxi Museum shall accept the management of the volunteer committee of Shanxi Museum and the guidance of the Public Service Department.
Chapter 2 Conditions for and Recruitment of Volunteers in Shanxi Museum
Article 5 Basic conditions for volunteers in Shanxi Museum who are/can
(1)enthusiastic about the public welfare of museums, with a good cultural quality and readiness to serve the community for free;
(2)aged 18-65, physically and mentally healthy, optimistic, good at communication, honest and trustworthy, with team spirit;
(3)serve at least once a week for no less than 3 hours each time, and the annual service time is no less than 156 hours;
(4) consciously abide by the rules and regulations of Shanxi Museum as well as the articles and various standards formulated by the Shanxi Museum Volunteer Committee.
Article 6 Procedures for Volunteer Registration and Recruitment of Shanxi Museum
(1)Registration: Volunteers are accepted all the year round, and recruitment will be concentrated in March and August. One can register on the spot at Shanxi Museum or download the registration form and send it to
(2)Interview: It is done according to the requirements of the post one has applied for;
(3)Written Test: Those who pass the interview will sit for the written test, whose content includes the knowledge concerning cultural heritage and museology as well as the volunteer-related knowledge;
(4) Training: Those who pass the written test will participate in the pre-job training, whose main content includes the basic qualities of volunteers, basic theoretical knowledge of the museum and the exhibition hall knowledge;
(5) Assessment: After the pre-job training, assessment shall be conducted according to the requirements of each post;
(6) Probation: Those who pass the assessment will enter the probation period, which lasts for 8 weeks with a minimum service time of 24 hours;
(7) Conversion: Those whose performance is good during the probationary period and whose service time reaches the request will be converted into a formal volunteer of Shanxi Museum.
Chapter 3 Volunteer Work and Management of Shanxi Museum
Article 7 The duration of work for volunteer workers in Shanxi Museum is generally one year, calculated from the date of the probation period. Outstanding workers can have the period extended after their application is approved, and the times of extension is unlimited. Volunteers can also apply for the termination of voluntary work at any time according to their wishes.
Article 8 After passing the 8-week probationary period, volunteer workers shall be given The Manual of Volunteer Service. They must have each service recorded which will be confirmed by Shanxi Museum as the basis of work assessment.
Article 9 Shanxi Museum issues work permits to volunteers, who must wear them when they work.
Article 10 The working hours of the volunteers are determined by themselves according to the timetable they have submitted in advance.
Article 11 Volunteers who have performed well in voluntary service will be commended by Shanxi Museum at the end of the year. After working in the museum for three years, those volunteers who have performed well and would like to continue to serve will be awarded the title of "Honorary Volunteer of Shanxi Museum". After five years of work, those volunteers who have performed well and would like to continue to engage in service will be awarded the title of "Senior Volunteer of Shanxi Museum".
Article 12 During the period of service, a volunteer shall not engage in any activity for profit or in violation of social ethics. For anyone who has performed negatively, the museum will exhort him/her to withdraw from the volunteer organization of Shanxi Museum. Anyone whose performance has not been in line with the identity of the volunteers or may be harmful to the image of Shanxi Museum will be discharged, and the discharged person shall not have any chance to become the volunteer worker of the museum again.
Chapter 4 The Rights and Obligations of Volunteers in Shanxi Museum
Article 13 Rights of Volunteers in Shanxi Museum
(1) Free use of professional books and learning materials provided by Shanxi Museum;
(2) Priority of participating in lectures and educational activities held by Shanxi Museum or enjoying a certain degree of preferential treatment;
(3) Enjoying a 10% discount on shopping in Shanxi Museum;
(4) Lunch subsidy for those volunteers who serve all day.
Article 14 Obligations of Volunteers in Shanxi Museum
(1) Fulfilling performance commitments and providing timely and adequate service;
(2) Participating in the relevant professional training organized by the Volunteer Committee of Shanxi Museum;
(3) Guiding and helping the audience to operate the exhibition auxiliary facilities correctly, to maintain the order of the exhibition hall and to maintain the safety of the exhibits;
(4) Loving the museum cause and having the spirit of selfless dedication regardless of reward, devotion to the job, unity and mutual assistance.
Chapter 5 Supplementary Provisions
Article 15 The Volunteer Committee of Shanxi Museum shall be responsible for the interpretation of the aforementioned articles of this charter.
Article 16 These articles of this charter shall come into force as of the date of promulgation.
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